Global Virtual QA  is a brand of Aberame Pty Ltd, an Australian based Crowd Testing company providing software testing services to clients globally through an extensive network of professional testers located across the world.

The purpose of this document is to set out the privacy policies Global Virtual QA has in place and to explain how we collect, process and use information that you provide to us whether you are a Tester or a Customer. We are committed to protect your information and provide you confidence on that commitment.

By registering and using our website you confirm that you accept this Privacy Policy and consent to the way in which we protect, process and use information you have provided to Global Virtual QA. If you do not accept any part of this Privacy Policy, please do not use our website.

  • Website – refers to the Global Virtual QA sales and application websites collectively contained within or accessible from
  • Customer – Is an entity, business or individual registered on the website as a Customer
  • Tester – is an individual registered on the website as a tester
  • User – Is either a Customer or a Tester
  • Test Artefacts – assets produced by the testing process and includes but is not limited to; test strategies, plans, scripts, defect logs, test evidence and test reports.
  • Information – any information entered into our website by any user

Global Virtual QA may collect the following information from users. This is not an exhaustive list so you should consider each information request when it is made on our website.

Personal Details such as name, address, age, gender, email, phone numbers, tax information

  • Tester details such as experience, skills, devices, software, copies of identification documents
  • User names and passwords
  • IP addresses, browser types and Operating System information
  • Contact information such as requests or emails with our administration and support teams
  • Information requested through any of our forms on the website whether they be Tester or Customer forms
  • Billing and payment information
  • Project and test cycle information
  • Testing information such as progress, defects, clarifications, test cases
  • Analytics information regarding your visits and website use
  • Various other information as requested on our website.

This policy and your acceptance of it includes information which may be collected in the future but is as yet unknown or undefined. You will have the opportunity with regard to this type and any type of information to refuse to enter it on our website if you do not wish to. When some information is requested but not entered by a user, it may mean that the user will not be able to continue to effectively participate as a Global Virtual QA user.

Global Virtual QA collects information from users for the express purpose of conducting Crowd Sourced Testing activities for our clients. We have no intention to, and do not, collect information from users for any other purpose.

The purpose and use of the collected information is to;

  • Allow users to register on the website
  • Allow registration of projects and test cycles
  • To ensure Global Virtual QA meets our obligations to our users that are registered on the website
  • Provide the connection of Testers with relevant clients, projects and test cycles
  • Communicate effectively with all users based on relevant information
  • Provide users information about promotions and activities that may be of interest
  • To improve the way our website works
  • To run administrative functions such as communication, billing and payments Use aggregated data to improve our business operations
  • Allow Customers to select Testers for test cycles based on Tester information
  • Contact you for various purposes including clarifications and improvements

Global Virtual QA needs to share some Tester information with Customers and some Customer/Project information with Testers in order to provide the service. However, Global Virtual QA will not disclose your personal information to any other third parties without your permission.

Global Virtual QA is committed to keeping your data safe and secure. We have processes in place to protect your data which include logical, physical and operational processes. We also have an Information Security Policy which guides all our staff on the importance of protecting User information and details appropriate conduct and procedures.

Should you register on our website, you are responsible for the confidentiality, security and safekeeping of your username and password. Do not provide login information to anyone else as you may become liable for actions others have taken with your login credentials.

Global Virtual QA has absolute discretion to permit or deny access to any user at any time.

Please report immediately to Global Virtual QA any security issues, vulnerabilities or defects you find on our website using the contact details below.

Links to other websites and resources on our website are not controlled by Global Virtual QA and cannot be certified as correct or accurate. Global Virtual QA cannot vouch for the safety and protection of information you enter into third party websites (even if the link is provided by Global Virtual QA). Your use and reliance on them is at your own risk.

Our website uses cookies and Google Analytics. These tools help us improve our website and increase the efficiency of use. By using our website, you consent to the use of the collected data through cookies or by Google. Blocking cookies may impede the efficiency and effectiveness of the website.

This Privacy Policy and our website shall be governed by, and interpreted in accordance with, the state laws of the State of Victoria and the federal laws of Australia.

Global Virtual QA will change our Privacy Policy from time to time. It is your responsibility to visit this page to check for updates and changes. We have included the Privacy Policy “last updated” date below so that you can ensure you are aware of the current Privacy Policy that applies.

*Privacy Policy last updated: 9th May 2019.