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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers


Global Virtual QA is a global platform for providing worldwide software and mobile application testing services carried out by Professional Crowd Testers spread across the globe.

Crowd Testing Service is a method where the Software or Mobile Application Testing is executed by a worldwide group of professional QA. Testers conduct the testing in a real-time, real-life environment, using real devices.

Our crowd testing allows people in different geographies to participate in the testing process. The application can be tested in much shorter lead time and significantly lower cost to the organization. Global Virtual QA ensures an accurate, fast, transparent and cost-effective testing process that results in quality application.

Software testing is the testing of software, web application, mobile application, games and other utilities built on the web and mobile platform for a targeted device. The functionality of the application under different circumstances and environments is the heart of the matter here.

Beta testing assumes intensive usage of the almost-ready version of the product (usually software product) that are carried out to indicate the maximum amount of errors in the product. The main target of beta testing is to find the errors for further fixing before the product is released to the market.


Global Virtual QA allows you to work on your time. You can test products anytime, day or night, all year round. You can work anywhere, anytime, and become your own boss.

You can choose the product of your interests and work on those.

You can earn money and reward points based on your test results.

Global Virtual QA is a quality testing services platform and ensures its clients get the best resources to test their extraordinary product. 

Enthusiastic freelance testers who are excited to become part of Global Virtual QA should have an internet-connected device (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop/Desktop with Internet connection) as the minimum requirement.

We individually verify each candidate’s profile and validate their suitability for every project.

Good English Writing Skills is a must. However, the language-specific project requires relevant language skill.

We look forward to a smart working testing expert who consistently provides solid results in terms of defect finding and reports them with all necessary data and media information.

To become a Global Virtual QA tester and wish to take paid project test, you can follow the below steps.

  1. Click the linkREGISTER and register yourself as a tester.
  2. You will get your account activation email to your registered email id. (Enter valid email id during the registration process)
  3. Once your account gets activatedLOGIN to Global Virtual QA tester dashboard. 
  4. Fill in all yourpersonal information in the profile section.
  5. Add at least one deviceto test within the Device Information Section.
  6. Enter yourbank account details and Tax ID  (Make sure that you enter a valid ID proof and Tax ID number)
  7. Take the Assessment Test.
  8. Based on your score you will be ready to take paid projects.

Our goal is to help web and software developers deliver better interactive projects faster.

We cannot neglect the quality of our service offered to our client. We need to have an assessment system to identify the performance level of testers who are registered with us. 

However, As we get to know you better by working with you on several projects, higher levels of membership will be unlocked, allowing you to earn more money and work on more challenging projects. We can only offer these opportunities to the best testers in our community. 

Yes, Global Virtual QA allows you to register as a part-time tester and allows you to work on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis as per your convenience. 

Many of our testers hold full-time jobs and use our freelance testing projects to earn extra money. As long as your work contract doesn’t explicitly forbid additional freelance employment, you are welcome to join the Global Virtual QA testing community.

Yes. Experience in Testing Mandate. However, Global Virtual QA provides projects suitable for all skill sets, ranging from beginners to experts.

Your earning as a part-time tester depends on the task you perform, the time you spend, and the level of your project report delivery.

To qualify yourself for the maximum number of testing projects, please ensure that you answer well in your assessment test.

Possibility of getting projects will depend on:

  1. Your Testing Experience
  2. Domain/Industry Experience
  3. Kind of Device you use for testing (Updated Detailed information is mandated)
  4. Place where you live (Geo-based preference by the client)
  5. The language you Speak (Localization)
  6. Signed NDA is mandated for every project in addition to Global Virtual QA’s NDA.
  7. Test performance history with Global Virtual QA.

Few projects, especially usability testing, the client may ask for testers of a particular age, nationality, gender, etc.

You will get an email notification whenever suitable projects are available on our platform. Also, visit the Global Virtual QA tester dashboard for regular updates.

Duration of the project depends upon project requirement. Project duration will be available when the project is launched or offered to testers. You can accept or reject the project based on your availability of time to finish the project. 

Delivering high-quality testing result to our client is our Top Priority. It’s important that you should deliver high-quality testing result. 

The quality of your testing work is assessed in two ways: 

  1. Quality of the written descriptions for each defect.

2. Number, type and severity of the defects.

We offer only one project at a time. You are allowed to take a new project only when your existing project completes.

Earning potential is good at Global Virtual QA. There are different methods of payment for different projects. Your payment rates are always mentioned in the requirements page for each project. With some projects, you’re paid for your time, with other projects you’re paid for each valid defect you find, and sometimes it’s a mix of both.

The payment will be credited to your bank account once the testing process is completed and the results are approved. Minimum payout value should be USD 20. 

You can update your payment account details on bank account section of Global Virtual QA Tester Dashboard.

Usually, No. However, few projects or test cases(like testing for payment modules) would require you to pay a minimal amount from your wallet or through your credit card to test the functionality of the application. However, the same shall be reimbursed along with your payment.

Yes, You can. We appreciate your thought to grow our community across the globe. 

You will have your referral link to share it with your friends and social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, your blog, etc. 

Refer Friends” option is available in the left side menu in the community section on Global Virtual QA Tester dashboard. 

Yes, you will get 10 community points when your referrals complete the test and become a tester or expert with Global Virtual QA. Community points will not be paid in money and you will be eligible for some exclusive training programs, priority sessions, and exclusive online workshops. 

Absolutely! We respect your privacy and your details will never, at any cost, be shared with anyone including our clients. However, information about your location and devices will be shared only with our clients, which hides your identity. 

If you’d like to learn more about privacy policy please visit

Yes. You can ask Global Virtual QA to close your account and it will be closed permanently as per your request.

You are welcome to visit our home page and connect with us through chat option available on the bottom right corner of the site. We will try to answer all your question over there. 


No. Email ID is the primary unique communication id.

You need to use your valid email id and the same need to be used whenever you log in to Global Virtual QA.

No. Currently, you cannot switch your email id on your dashboard.

No. All the information about you should be in one account so that we can invite you for the maximum of suitable tests. By creating more than one account, you could be invited to the same test twice. 

This is considered cheating and will result in the deletion of your both accounts. We also reserve the right to take legal action against the creators of multiple accounts.

All project-related notifications that you see on Project section on the left panel of our portals are also delivered as e-mails.

Your email provider may have marked our emails as spam. 

Please check your Spam and Trash folders for our emails. 

If you find them there, mark them as “Not a spam”. 

We also recommend adding and all other email addresses to your contact so that your emails will reach your inbox.

Even then you didn’t find the emails in these folders, please let us know through the contact form so we can assist you. 


Based on the project and client’s requirement, we need to perform testing on different devices (Type, Devices, Model, OS Versions, Browsers & So on). So it’s important that you specify all devices (e.g. Desktop, Laptop and browser, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.) you can test with. We can take an assessment test (which qualifies you to become a tester) after you add at least one device.


Our Intelligence system identifies the right testers and sends an invitation email to a set of eligible tester group who fits the profile the client is looking at. 

For example, if the client needs a tester between 21-35 years old make living in Sydney, using an Apple device, our system automatically finds and send an invite to the testers who match these specific criteria.

If your profile fits the criteria for a test, you’ll be invited by us through e-mail and the same will reflect in the project section of your tester dashboard. The project will have brief information and requirement and you can read it and decide to proceed, click the accept button in the email/project. 

Now, you will be counted for this project. Our Project Manager will get connect with you directly and approve it if you are the right fit for the project.

To give yourself the best chances of receiving a project invitation, we strongly recommend taking both the assessment test and micro project. This will so your efficiency on testing. However, it all depends on the devices they have, where they live, technical skills, age, gender, languages and so on.

We recommend you to update your profile and device section now and then when there is a change. 

We filter for very specific profile details, the more information you provide, the greater the chance we will match your profile to the specifications of a test. 

We recommend you to list all your devices in the dashboard.

If you don’t receive any project for a long time, don’t get discouraged. Our system will automatically send emails to testers who are a close fit with the client’s profile requirement. Be open to get project anytime as our client’s requirements are very vast. 


Your employment type is a ‘Freelance Tester’ with Global Virtual QA. When testing with us, you don’t need to sign a work contract and you are not an employee. However, you need to sign an NDA for every project separately with us and the client. 

All your earning will be taxed according to your country’s tax regulations. Please consider declaring Global Virtual QA’s income to your local tax authorities. Unfortunately, we as a company are not allowed to give you any tax advice based on your situation. We kindly ask you to consult a professional tax consultant for advice.